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They are merry, extravert very agile and curious dogs. There are two theories of origin of Bouvier appenzellois. The first tells that this breed appeared in the Bronze Age, the second describes the Appenzeller dog as a descendant of the Moloss dog, brought to Switzerland by Romans. They were mentioned in the documents for the first time in 1853 by the Swiss dog specialist M. Tschudi in his book Life of Animals in the Alp Environment as a local variety of the Spitz in that region. In the same book he wrote that was the only Swiss shepherds dog, which would become common for Italy and Switzerland. This breed was officially recognized in 1898. The first standard was written with the help of Bouvier appenzellois enthusiast Max Siebera, forester, during the First International Exhibition in Winterthur, where the breed was represented by 8 dogs. In 1906, the Bouvier appenzellois Society aimed at the development of the breed was founded with the assistance of Professor Albert Heim. Mandatory registration of puppies in the Book of Origin marked the beginning of genuine breeding of these beauties.
Like all Bouviers, Appenzellers like the expanse of open space, easily withstand harsh climatic conditions. An Appenzeller is a great herdsman which moves in the mountains showing no fatigue and confidently. They harnessed these dogs in the carts to bring milk and cheese to the town markets. This breed does not have such a quality as laziness. When it is not necessary to shepherd cattle, an appenzeller will guard the house and its owner or catch rats. This guarding dog was later formed as a shepherd's dog and has become a companion dog by now. It is fairly little known outside the Central Europe.
Influence of mastiffs can be seen in their outlook. Together with Berner and Entlebucher sennenhunds they let us see a sequence of transitional breeds from husky to classical mastiffs, including changes in types of constitution, ratios of the body, head lines and the form of the tail. Good scent, extraordinary keenness, caution, incredulity and friendliness at the same time made for using these dogs as lifeguards in the mountains.
Hot temper and character let appenzellers lead in agility contests. Despite their relatively small height, it is an absolutely fearless dog. From the young age it courageously rushes to protect the owner if a threat appears. You do not even need to teach it to do so. Look into these eyes of hazel and chestnut colors and you will see what a great intellect this wonderful creature has. It seems that the dog looks into your soul and studies your essence. Do not try to cheat this dog it will not do.
It is not possible to tell how they, by studying the things, which you hold in your hands, your clothes, etc., exactly understand where you are going and appear there before you. What is left for you is to find the happy snout and this victorious curled tail in the place where you intended to go.
This dog is so impetuous, that sometimes it seems that it simply dissolves in the air in one place and appears in another. And what a wonderful ability for jumping the Appenzellers have! As if a tight spring is hidden inside this sinewy body and it throws the dog at good 1.5-2 meters high. There is an opinion that this dog is not made to live in a flat. Let me not agree to that. There are just 2 examples. Once after swimming we let the wet dog stay at home for a night. I was so surprised not to see almost any difference between the behaviors of the Berners and the Appenzeller in the flat. If, being outdoors, my Zayats (passport name Zelda) reacted with a loud barking to any noise appearing nearby, in the flat she silently rushed to the window or the door and listened to what was happening.
At night she slept quietly by the door to our room. During the day, Zayka lied aside, keeping an eye on me and ran from time to time through the house checking all the rooms. Even when other dogs in the street burst out barking violently she kept quiet, whimpering from time to time, as if she wanted to say that all interesting things happened without her. Zayats is one of the first three dogs, which were brought to Russia and which represent the Appenzeller breed in our country today.
That is why my husband and I tried to put her under different conditions and into various situations in order to be able to answer any questions you may have. We even took it with us when we visited our friends. She turned out to be a very good girl. The second example is her trip to the World Championship with the handler and without the owner. No cages and no choke-chain collars!
She has spent 48 hours in the bus next to the trainer, reclining at ease on the couch. She gnarred indeed when another dogs approached her, but she did not attempt to start a fight. After that she has spent 3 days in a hotel room together with another 3 dogs. Wonderful! It was one of the few rooms where it was quiet even when the dogs were left alone in the room. Of course, it can be a theme for discussions, and maybe I was lucky to have Zayka with such a balanced mind. But beyond dispute they feel better outside. It must be taken into consideration that one must not keep these dogs constantly tied or locked in small cages.
They are very devoted to their owners and try to follow you everywhere. Maybe it is because of that Zayats was the first among my dogs which did not resist to going on the leash. She was then 3 months old. In general, the dog turned out to be very compliant in training. For her any exercise turns into an interesting game (by your rules). You just should not make her do the same exercise for a long time the interest fades and the dog begins to respond to your commands slowly. The biggest mistake you can make would be an attempt to break the dog. First of all, it is virtually impossible, second, if you manage to suppress the appenzeller, instead of a kind lively friend you will get a stubborn angry creature, waiting for your mistakes. In such situation you can simply forget that you have a guard, because you will not have it. If you are energetic and live actively, you may think about buying this unusually bright and beautiful dog - Bouvier appenzellois. Only after you spend some time with it and watch how it behaves, you will be able to appreciate in full its virtues. In the Supplement you will be able to get familiar with the standard for this energizer.

Two and a half years later.

The day before yesterday (June 30, 2004) our Zaika became a mother. She delivered 10 wonderful puppies. We were surprised to see that at the time of birth, skeletons of the puppies were stronger that those of Berners. They grow up and put on weight almost like the Berners were heavier than 1 kg on the 9th day of life. Zaykas behavior pleased me very much. First, she did not worry about the presence of the vet and accepted help during the delivery. Secondly she turned to me a wonderful mother. Puppies were always clean and it was cleared in the box. Our daughter dwelled in the box from the very first day. When Vika pulled Zaika from the box by the tail, at first I froze. Then it became clear that for Zayka Vika was also a puppy and that it would never touch her. She boasted with her puppies to all coming people and never attacked anyone. That is why I was again upset with the fact that the breed was undeservingly belied. This dog is malicious and distrustful only towards strangers and aggressive people. At least my Zaika behaves in such way. She is controllable, hot-tempered, playful and likes children very much.