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No wonder the Berners have become so popular in our country. One can hear so many kind words and epithets about them: 'a dog marked with a kiss' for bronze-brown spots above its eyes, 'teddy bear' because they really look like bears. Just like bears, they communicate with the front paws, which is a sign of high intellect. The remarkable character of this breed is of course determined by their origin. The dog is what the human has done of it. Clever, quick-witted, it pays attention to everything, it is lively and mobile, affectionate and tender, and it has no guile. Berners are courageous and fearless, but they are not squabblers. They also have good ability for orientation and good scent, while they looked for astray cattle for decades. They have another nice feature the dog tends to hit with its nose, but not to bite. Teeth are used only in extremis. If your dog has a chance to deal with cattle it is worth watching its behavior. You will see its genetically defined features. Trying to hurry a horse or a cow, and if the animal does not want to go, it will slightly bite its hind leg so low, that the cows hitting leg would fly above dog. From a peasants point of view a good dog should be keen and spiteful, but it would not bite anyone during walks outside the mansion and will go by him or follow the back wheels of the cart. Such dog does not run across the sprouts and crops, protects the owner and guards his things, when necessary.  A sennenhund is good guard, very keen and fastidious. It can tell the sound of the owners car from the noises of other cars already when it is 250-300 meters away from the house. By the sound of steps it always distinguishes a stranger, even without seeing the walking person.
The dogs reaction to the disturber will depend on what you want, what you teach your dog to.
This dog is completely controllable. You will not have to run trough the whole district trying to find and bring your pet back home form the walk. After you spend some time on training a young Berner, you will get an obedient dog for the rest of its life.
It needs to be noted that a 2-3 months old puppy understands any command from the 4-5th time, if you teach him tenderly but insistently. Do not forget to give your pet a dainty as a reward for the exercise. Sennenhunds are so devoted to their owners that they get pleasure from carrying out commands, if it pleases the owner. These dogs do not lack patience, because only a very patient dog can pull a cart, loaded with cheeses and milk bottles. High intellect is another typical feature of these dogs. It is a thinking dog, which can make its own decision in the absence of commands. Your security is the most important thing for it. If you have called your dog while it was intentionally running to some spot and it has not returned to you at once, but turned around and showed that it has heard you, it means that something has alerted it and may pose a threat for you. In such a case your pet will make sure this situation is safe and will return to your call. You should not scold it for not having fulfilled the order immediately. After you buy a puppy, it is very important not to lose the Berners trust. A normal adult Sennenhund will come to your call over a narrow horizontal bar, climb a high stairway, and jump in a floating boat only because it trusts that you will not cheat him. So, please do not provoke it to make actions, which will have negative consequences to lure to step on a board, which will sink in the water, or go into a narrow pass with not exit. It is very easy to lose the dogs confidence. Please always remember Durbechler will guard only what it loves. It makes no sense locking it in somebodys house or tie to a neighbor's car. Your house, your car, and safety of your family these are his real values. Berners have a special attitude to children. Tender, patient and attentive heart of the sennenhund is overfilled with love to children. They forgive everything, even cruelty. Such dog is and amazing nanny, baby-sitter and governess in one. The dog will rather step aside if the kids pranks go too far, but it will keep an eye on the kid and will never bite it. If it has an opportunity to touch a baby, a sennenhund will massage its belly with its tongue, will clear the babys ears and butt. The dogs proud glance at you will tell you that the dog has just taught you how to take care of the baby. Telling about relationship with other animals, it is just enough to tell that you will not have any problems. Of course, the Durbechler is a shepherds dog by nature, and will not allow any stranger be it a cat or a dog - step onto its territory, nevertheless, during a walk in the street the dog is very friendly and will find its pleasure playing with its counterparts, if they are not aggressive towards it. Normal Berners will never initiate a quarrel on the dogs ground. They will rather waive from the conflict and this is not cowardice, but a balanced temper. If the dog is attacked and the quarrel is inevitable, the sennenhund will be able to stand for itself. The enemy will quickly be pushed its breast down to the ground. The gorgeous collar in its neck and breast protects your dog. Of course, it is better to avoid such events, because it is not a fighting dog, even if it is a descendant of Roman moloss dogs.
Farm animals arouse a genuine interest in this dog. Ecstasy at the first meeting with the animal in due course gives place to the instinctive desire to shepherd the animal and bring it to the owner. The dog manages the herd very crafty. It is better not to open your gates when somebodys herd is passing you by, otherwise it will soon be on your yard.
Cats are a different story. The desire to reach the cat in the street and get familiar with it may end up with a scratched nose, of course if there are no cats in your house, in that case the dogs do not react on them during the walks. In the flat they live in peace with any animals. Here works an inborn habit everything that is in the house is our and it is not allowed to touch the house animals. It is amazing, how carefully a Berner plays with all who a smaller than it. It feels its strength and always measures it. Of course, this feature is more peculiar to females. This breed has a very strong care instinct towards descendants. The first 2-3 days after birth it is very difficult to persuade the female to go for a walk. It stays in the box with the puppies, without leaving them for a minute. Only a week later, the mother goes out from the nest and lies nearby. There is no need to teach them what to do with a newborn puppy. You need just to stay nearby and help your dog manage everything. If you have more than one dog, you will witness a very interesting performance. The dogs care of the litter together, protect the puppies from strangers, play with them and sometimes try to feed them. When you feed the elder dogs, keep an eye so that they do not bring tasty bits to the cage with puppies, because when the mother does not have enough milk, all other dogs try to bring food to the puppies.
When we come back from a walk, we always conduct face control, because it is almost impossible to catch the moment when they pick-up and hind behind the cheek a bone or something else. Anyway, even with such a care from the side of other dogs, it is rather difficult to raise a healthy litter. Thats why if you have decided to buy a puppy, do not hurry to make the purchase immediately.
First you should decide if you plan to exhibit or breed the dogs or it will be just a dog for you. In any case it is better to take a good dog, because it is very probable that your plans will change. The most frequent mistake is choosing your pet by the color. Sometimes it is better to take a puppy with asymmetric color pattern, but with a stronger skeleton. Moreover, the older the dog is, the less apparent this asymmetry will be. If you carefully look at the adult Berners, you will notice that most of them do not have ideal symmetry. But this is not too easy to notice, while a leaner skeleton strikes the eye at once. The dog looks like it has narrow legs, low weight, small head and a slim torso. Moreover, there is a relationship between the dogs mentality and its exterior. If you have never had a big dog, ask your friends for help. Do not ever buy the puppy if it runs from you and does not let you take it in your hands the very first time you see it. It is definitely not your dog!  Somebody may tell me many unpleasant words for such advice, but I hope it will help those who have decided to pick a good dog, which would suit the owner by its character too.