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This dog is considered to be a possible descendant of Roman molossian dogs, which first appeared in Switzerland near the city of Etlebuch, Lucerne canton. It is the smallest of all sennenhunds, not higher than 50 cm. At that, its weight can reach 35 kg. Strong chaps, small but very lively chestnut eyes are typical for the Entlebucher. The ears are V-shaped. The tail is shortened (10-15 cm) and curved from the birth (starting from 2002 a straight and uncut tail is recommended; otherwise European exhibitions will be closed for you). Stiff, sleek and shiny hair protects it by any weather.
This dog can adapt itself to any kind of work or environment. They never get tired and carefully carry out the assignment. Entlebucher or Entlebuch is very strict with the cattle and very kind and tolerant to with children. These dogs are popular as wonderful guard, especially in mountain regions. They are great defenders of the house and all household.

They are called milkmen, because even nowadays they help deliver carts with milk and cheese from the pasture to the towns. Despite its small size, it is almost as strong as the bigger sennenhunds. In the house, it behaves as a very affectionate, merry, funny and friendly member of the family, which likes playing with children most of all, but is ready to protect them until the last stroke of its small but noble heart.

Xantos, or Sanka, how we call him, appeared in our kennel in June 2004. Still another sennenhund and is another breed, another character. It has nothing common with the other Swiss dogs, but self-respect and color pattern. With the height of around 50 cm, this dog absolutely does not think it is small. Such self-confidence is written on its small and pretty muzzle! Only one month has gone by now, and it is difficult to tell anything about this breed, based upon our observations. But one thing is unquestionable both Sanka and his girlfriend Vanelka are very clever, bright, friendly and courageous dogs. At that they are exactly courageous but not reckless. They like talking. It is not a barking or whining, but something in between, moderately loud. The dog is very energetic, playful but not noisy. It is like a home variant of the Gross. For the time being, I do not notice stubbornness in them. They have got used to the requirements and order set up for them at once and with no problem.

It seems they are very clean. As concerns the food, there are no problems either. They eat what they are given. We shall see what will happen later and tell you in a couple of months.