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About us

The most difficult thing is to brief people on us. It is also unclear, if anybody needs it. Still, our history may help you to understand why our dogs are what they are. Nevertheless
Never in our live my husband and I could suppose that we would breed dogs. We simply wanted very much to buy a Berner sennenhund, whom we saw in Switzerland during a ski trip. In 1997 we bought a female Dushka, who with time became Dunya, although her name according to the passport is Olinda. A widespread opinion that a dog must pup at least once in its life to stay healthy encouraged us to buy a good pup. Why produce spoilage?

Dunya was so non-conflicting that we were even upset when she did not respond to attacks from not only big dogs but small ones as well. We decided to keep her daughter she would protect mother. We got just what we expected. We missed the birth of the first puppy and it appeared on the rug, in sand, terribly indignant over such injustice. It was Zalma. Those were us who thought she was Zalma, but later we very quickly understood that she was Mukha ("a fly"). Being two months old the girl escaped from a 1-meter-high open-air cage and was walking around the whole apartment. We had a feeling she was everywhere but the ceiling. Surprisingly, with such a temperament it grew into an absolutely easy-to-control dog. The exhibition career of the kennel started exactly with this dog. A beautiful dog grew up with the time from the small prankster.
Dunya is also pretty, with excellent skeleton, but she does not have Mukha's boldness. A year later we began clearly to miss puppy's quick temper and we mated Dunya for the second time. Frankly speaking, breeding in a city apartment is a heroic action. However, many do it without knowing what they will have to deal with. Get ready to renovate your apartment after you have raised one litter. It is true only for those cases when you try to raise healthy puppies. One should not keep them in the case after they get 3-4 weeks old. One-month-old puppy, when it starts playing and moving quickly, needs 15-20 sq.m. for normal growth.

As well as it is impossible to grow healthy puppies staying with them only when you come back from your work. I foresee a storm of indignant voices from "city breeders", but I passed through it myself, and know quite well how difficult such breeding is. When your neighbors knock at your walls when your puppies wake up at 5 a.m. and start playing, when all parquet in the flat is covered with rubber (for their paws not to slip) and swells up by the time they get 2 months old, when a hole is gnawed in the division wall between the big and small rooms, when they find the antenna cable below the plinth and it disappears in their stomachs (and then you rush to the vet), when you, after coming back from the work, find out a heap of soil, empty flowerpot, two happy puppies and the absence of two-meter-high succulent.

It also brings a lot of fun to slip to the bathroom, passing the grandmother by and steal the washing powder or, at least a chlorine detergent. But the main goal of life is to get into the coupe-wardrobe. You can even arrange with the cat that it will open the door, because it knows how to do it. Underwear, gloves for mountain skiing, a fur coat - just a heap of toys! But if you reach a bit higher and get out the bag with dog food, you can start a competition on who will prepare more heaps for the owner. Here they are dog's kids.

Of course, the joy you get after contact with these kids, their energy, feeling of purity of your soul pay off well for all these hardships. And can you compare with anything your storm of emotions when the puppy you have bred wins an exhibition? These emotions were so strong, that in 2001 I gave up a very decent work. By that time Mukha had also got puppies. It would be a pity to grow all these kids in the flat. We urgently found a house very near to Moscow. I still do not know how we managed to persuade the owner to let us start living there in September, while all the documents for the purchase, sale of our flat and payment are to be ready only next January.
At 12 p.m. with two dogs and nine puppies, with almost no luggage, we have left Moscow and moved to the new house. Here it turned out that the house was leased to tenants for the period that expires only in 2 weeks. And so we lived: 5 Ukrainians, a small child, 11 dogs, my husband and me.

It is an old and well-known story you cannot part with all of your puppies. And we kept Chaika. So the idea appeared to make a real kennel. Someone will probably argue, but for me a kennel is not only the prefix to the puppy's name, it also means to organize the living space for the puppies, breeding, to propose the buyers a full scope of services, participation in exhibitions and many other things. That is how it started. The kennel has got a permanent handler, not only for our dogs, but also for our kids.

Every week a vet has reception hours for puppies and dogs, which have problems or if their owners have questions. At the same time, we have started a serious preparation for Eurasia 2002. Everything seemed to go well, but an old idea to gather all 4 breeds of sennenhunds gave no peace to us. Why not? We have been collecting information for a long time, so we needed just to venture upon the final step. It must be admitted that I did not expect such difficulties from sales negotiations. Some people immediately replied that they did not sell the puppies to Russia. Other thought for a long time, but then refused any way. And the litters were not so many as well. But in the beginning of March, as a reward for the completely won Eurasia 2002, the destiny had mercy on me. The Zelda from Balihara ranch became Sennenhund No. 2. It was Appenzeller.

I still shiver when I think about the state she was in when they brought her here. We had 12 serious enough remarks concerning her health. But we had our own doctor. Toes were cut out, other diseases have been healed. All the time we kept hearing from different sides that a dog from Czech Republic was like a dog from a dump. Our doubts settled completely in 2003. Zayats, at her almost 1,5 years, became a prize winner at the World Championship in Dortmund. At the same time our kids steadily gained the lead in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, and Lithuania. Males from the first litters have matured with the time and often won over imported dogs. We wanted to advertise them as breeders. And so, in order to show that Russian dogs are not worse than the imported ones, our kennel made a movie about this breed. This work took us almost a year. By now the video cassette has spread all over the country. Some people like it; some do not. We wanted at least to tell about this breed, its history, its development in Russia, how to take care of the dogs, our impression of them, but not about ourselves. If someone wants to know our kennel does not get any profit from the sales of this movie. We are planning to continue this work, because we wish to tell in more detail about Appenzellers and the Greater. For the time being, it is difficult to do this. It is not possible to make a movie, basing on one dog only. In fact after more than a year of search, negotiations, waiting for a decent puppy, we finally have brought in a Greater Swiss sennenhund. We hate starting the breed in our country from bad dogs. While everything is clear with the Appenzeller, due to its titles and as an inbred dog, it will carry over its type. But there are still many questions with the Greater. As of today I do like this growing dog. Exhibitions are going to show what the future will be.
Purchase of an Entlebucher is also in the plans of our kennel. We even know where we are going to take it from, and have the breeder's consent, but now it is a matter of finance. In addition, these breeds are still to be popularized. Only a little is known about them, while the dogs are wonderful.

Nowadays we are building a heat-insulted kennel with isolated maternity boxes and a good veterinary room. There will also be a room for grooming to prepare our dogs and their puppies for exhibitions. It happens so, that I write a lot about the exhibitions, although it has never been a goal of our kennel. The main thing for us is and has always been to give you an absolutely healthy puppy.
In our efforts to have good-looking kids we pay equal attention both to the show-dogs and the dogs, which are not quite ideal from the standard point of view. Our kennel tries to keep a certain supply of medicines, foodstuffs, food supplements, hair-care products, so that you, when you come for a consultation, could buy all these things without wasting time for shopping. Our prices are also lower, because kennels can purchase all of it at discount.
How do my dogs live? Freeside. I cannot bring myself to lock them in cages. They are so devoted to me and my husband, that the isolation would most probably spoil their character, which the owners of our puppies like so much.
All advertising in media is prepared by my husband, who is the main constructor and the foreman at the same time.
Many think that Noble House is a kennel's prefix. It was indeed so in the past. Living in a flat, we did not think we had a right to call us a kennel. Starting from January 2003, this name became the kennels name. That is why, with around 70 kids dispersed over the whole ex-Soviet Union territory, we have started the stamp numeration from No.1.

 It can even have a symbolic meaning, because one should always start from the clean sheet. And now the last but may be the most important item. All our achievements are the contribution of the team, which has been created in these years. Absence of competition inside the kennel, great help from the veterinary and the handler, our friends support, mutual understanding among the owners of our dogs, and not the personal ambitions allow every dog to reach good results. Those who cannot understand it leave. Fortunately such people are few. Some of them, after roaming alone, come back with the understanding that it is easier and merrily to fight the way as a team. So, this is how the Noble House lives. Some people help with money, some with actions, some with just a kind word. We are grateful to everyone and for everything. It is possible that the next page in our history will be written buy you, after you buy our puppy.