Питомник РКФ-FCI 3920 Питомник - 'Благородный Дом'


IZ BLAGORODNOGO DOMA (Noble House) kennel was registered in RKF and FCI in 2000.

If you have decided to buy a dog, Noble House kennel suggests that you get familiar with Swiss sennenhunds, or if translated word for word – herdsman dogs.

There are four breeds of them: Appenzeller, Entlebucher, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and the Berner. They are all distinctive by special Swiss color – they are black-bronze with white toes, tail, foreface and brisket.

Swiss sennenhunds are amazingly spectacular and elegant dogs. Bright and festive color, devotion to the owner, and love to children, diligence, and excellent guarding capabilities – all of these qualities are inherent in Swiss sennenhunds.

Sennenhund is the most beautiful dog from all points of view. There is nothing odd in it, everything is in harmonious combination, and everything is beautiful by nature.